Buckeye Blow

The big story early today is Beanie Wells’ injury for Ohio State. Obviously nobody knows anything at this point, but the footage of Wells being helped off after the injury didn’t look good–possibly the dreaded high ankle sprain.

Other early tidbits:
*Check out Matt Hinton’s Dr. Saturday site on Yahoo! Hinton is live blogging all day in a pretty cool interactive forum.
*LSU looked predictably nasty in running roughshod over App St. in the clash of defending national champs. Andrew Hatch clearly looks like the better option at QB than Lee, who threw a pretty awful pick-six. The pounding ASU QB Armanti Edwards took from the Tigers defense should be Exhibit A in the argument against the spread.
*If those Rosetta Stone commercials are any indication, reports of Michael Phelps’ pitch man potential have been greatly exaggerated.
*Terrelle Pryor is enormous.
*Looks like the “volcano” in the name of Taco Bell’s latest offering could be taken a number of ways.
*This East Carolina-Virginia Tech game is moving at a breakneck pace. Homerism had dismissed the upset hype in this one, but the Pirates are hanging tough. There’s a surprisingly loud crowd in Charlotte backing East Carolina. The Hokies’ run D looks incredibly soft.
*How is it that coaches like Greg Robinson and Dave Wannestedt can be in their third seasons and yet their teams continue to show no improvement? I’d be the first to say that college football fans tend to have unrealistic expectations and quick triggers when it comes to coaches, but those two schools should feel free to go ahead and cut the cord.

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