‘Bama, The Most Beautiful Girl in The Room

The first edition of 2008’s weekly power poll finds the Crimson Tide atop the mountain, following a thrashing of Clemson on Saturday night. For at least a week, Nick Saban’s squad looks like the prettiest girl in the room. (In the whole wide room.)
(A quick note about the poll: Blatant Homerism’s weekly power poll will attempt to rank the top 10 teams in the country each week based strictly on performance-to-date. Teams will move up and down the rankings each week after considering their entire “body of work” for the season.)
Bama’s biggest competition for the top spot after one week is USC. The Trojans made a strong case for number one on the heels of a business-as-usual demolition of a non-conference BCS foe, Virginia. Pete Carroll and Co. have a chance to put a vice grip on number one when the Ohio State Buckeyes come to town in a couple weeks. (You could be an air hostess in the ’60s, Brian Cushing.)
You are definitely in the top three, Missouri. The Tigers could make an argument (depending on the street) that a win over a 2007 BCS team–Illinois–warrants a higher ranking. Not with a defensive performance like that. Texas made quick work of the jive-talkin’ Owls of Florida Atlantic, earning the fourth spot. (You should probably keep your day job, Howard Schnellenberger.) A 34-0 whitewashing of North Carolina State is enough to put South Carolina in the top five.
Some teams you definitely won’t find in the Homerism’s top 10:
-Clemson (You could be a waitress, Tommy Bowden.)
-Arkansas (Or a high-class prostitute, Bobby Petrino.)
-Always-disappointing Dave Wannestedt’s Pitt Panthers (Oooh, you’re a legend, Dave!)
Blatant Homerism Power Poll: Week One
1. Alabama
2. USC
3. Missouri
4. Texas
5. South Carolina
6. East Carolina
7. Stanford (Like a tree)
8. Fresno State
9. Florida
10. Utah

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