More Ramblings

*There is some nasty hitting going on in this LSU-Auburn game. I’d be very surprised if the winner scores more than 20 points. LSU’s struggles so far embody the difficulty of breaking in a new quarterback in the SEC, especially when going on the road.

*I know OU is supposed to put a Red River whoopin’ on Texas this year, but the Longhorns look better than expected so far. Granted, UT hasn’t played particularly stiff competition. But quarterback Colt McCoy looks to have shaken off last year’s slump. The defense still has something to prove, but shutting down Rice the way they have certainly shows improvement over last year.
*On the bright side for the Sooners, Cincinnati is rolling Miami (OH). Given the struggles of Big East teams this year, OU’s win over the Bearcats could end up looking pretty good at the end of the season. Cincy could end up winning that conference, although I guess that’s not saying much. 
*Congrats to Andy Talley’s Villanova Wildcats on a big win over intra-city rival Penn.
*Geez, looks like we’re back to the Rutgers of old. Did Greg Schiano really turn down Michigan? Talk about overplaying your hand.
*Seems like there have been a million penalties in this Georgia-Arizona State game.
*Comcast Cable sucks big time. I don’t think I’m alone in this opinion. My ESPN HD has been blacked out since early this morning. I’d say this happens to a block of channels once a month. I’m not sure what the hiring process is like for Comcast tech support personnel, but, from what I’ve experienced, the main qualification appears to be the ability to pick up a phone. 

One Response to “More Ramblings”

  1. Wigs Says:

    The ESPN Blackout was bullshit, I think it had to do with the VT game being on ABC but only in regional areas. Watching ND in non-HD made the loss that much worse. And then the blackout continues through the first quarter of the LSU Auburn game, comcast sucks.

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