Sooners on Top Where it Counts

OU’s top spot in the major polls means next to nothing at the moment, but the Sooners also have climbed up the one set of rankings that do count for something.

Following USC’s upset loss last week, Vegas has deemed OU the best team in the country. Keep in mind that the bookies’ poll reflects teams’ relative strengths in terms of setting point spreads. Consequently, a team can lose and not drop in the Vegas rankings if the oddsmakers determine that the team still would be favored over those below it in the rankings. For example, despite losing to Oregon State, USC only fell to number two in this week’s poll.
In other words, Vegas was under no real “obligation” to elevate OU to number one following USC’s loss. In fact, the Sooners’ rating of 112.9 puts them just in front of the Trojans, who had a score of 112.2. So that says something about the linesmakers’ high opinion of OU.
A few other notes about this week’s Oddsmakers Poll:
*The bookies don’t quite share the major pollsters’ enthusiasm for Alabama, ranking the Crimson Tide seventh in the country. The Tide did jump 10 spots in the Oddsmakers Poll from last week, however.
*The most interesting inclusion in the Vegas poll: Cal. The Golden Bears check in at 13 in the Oddsmakers Poll. Neither major poll includes Jeff Tedford’s team. Other underrated teams in Vegas’ eyes: Florida, which fell just two spots to five after losing to Ole Miss in Gainesville; Oklahoma State; West Virginia; TCU.
*LSU is primed for a big fall if you believe the linesmakers. While the major pollsters have the Bayou Bengals ranked as high as two, Vegas has LSU at 11. Vegas’ overrated teams include South Florida, Utah, Auburn and Boise State.

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