Keep on Rolling

Alabama’s win over Kentucky wasn’t exactly dominant. Homerism has been impressed by the Wildcats’ defense this season, however, making yesterday’s victory another good notch on ‘Bama’s belt, in my opinion. The Tide stays on top.
After falling at home to Pittsburgh–on a Thursday night, no less–South Florida drops out of this week’s power poll. Coming off its big win over Auburn last night, Vanderbilt moves into the rankings.
Also, note that, like the Constitution, Homerism’s poll is a living, breathing document. Consequently, LSU drops this week because the Tigers’ marquee win over Auburn has lost some of its luster. LSU could make a serious move up next week with a win at Florida, of course.
There has been a shakeup among the Big XII teams as well. The top teams in the conference all boast relatively similar resumes. Missouri’s win over Illinois is just enough to move the Tigers to the front of that pack as well. Next week’s Oklahoma-Texas will go a very long toward proving the teams’ relative standing within the conference and the national rankings.

Blatant Homerism Power Poll Week Six
1. Alabama
2. Missouri
3. Penn State
4. LSU
5. Texas
6. Oklahoma
7. Texas Tech
8. Utah
9. BYU
10. Vanderbilt


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