OU in Review: Kansas State

Homerism doesn’t really feel qualified to speak to the Sooners’ performance on Saturday. Comcast Sports Net Mid-Atlantic opted to show New Hampshire’s blowout of Towson in lieu of the shootout in Manhattan. I was reduced to following the online gamecast.

Anyway, I wonder if the coaching staff, particularly head coach Bob Stoops, had an idea before the season that the defense would struggle so mightily this season. Think about it–OU has had prolific offenses before, but when was the last time the Sooners seemed to put such a premium on quick scores and rolling up ridiculous offensive numbers? Why now?
Maybe the coaching staff figured that with all the turnover in personnel from last year, the defense was bound to struggle this season. So, why fight it? Install a souped-up offensive scheme, then hope the defense can create enough turnovers or get just enough big stops to prevent other teams from keeping pace.
(Assuming this is true, I’m guessing they weren’t counting on a year of astonishingly poor special teams play.)
On its face, it seems ridiculous. Still, at least in public, Stoops seems less upset with the defense’s struggles than he has been in years past. If the season was playing out like he expected, it would explain a lot.

2 Responses to “OU in Review: Kansas State”

  1. Brian Says:

    During the broadcast, the guys from Fox sports said that OU has the #1 rated defense in the Big 12.

    That does not sound possible; could it be?

    If it is true, it adds some validity to the argument dismissing some of the crazy offensive numbers being put up in the conference.

  2. AK Says:


    I guess it kinda depends on the rating scheme you prefer. OU is fourth in scoring defense, second in total defense and first in yards per play. When you limit your data set only to Big XII games, however, OU ranks around sixth or seventh in each category.

    It’s a chicken-egg dilemma: Are the offenses so good that they’re making defenses look bad, or are the offensive numbers inflated by facing bad defenses?

    Here’s some food for thought: OU ranks sixth in the country in yards allowed per play in out-of-conference games. Conversely, OU ranks 88th when you adjust the data set to reflect in-conference games. Of course, the best offense OU has faced in nonconference competition is ranked 45th in yards per play, and we don’t have numbers on Chattanooga.

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