OU in Review: Texas A&M

Jeez, what can I write this week that hasn’t been written in previous weeks about the Sooners.

Homerism didn’t see any new wrinkles on offense, and the entire unit performed up to par against the outmanned Aggies. “Up to par” being pretty much the best offense in the country. I guess it would help for Jermaine Gresham to get over his occasional dropsies. But that would be the only thing you could criticize.
Defensively, A&M was able to break off a few long passing plays, which was a little disappointing. The front four did a great job getting pressure of Aggie QB Jerrod Johnson, who repeatedly heaved the ball into the stands. Watching the game, I couldn’t help thinking a more experienced quarterback could have made some hay against the D yesterday, though. Johnson seemed to bail on plays pretty quickly. When he didn’t panic, he was finding open receivers.
Shockingly, the biggest issue for the Sooners appeared to special teams play. Field goal kicking continues to be atrocious. Can a team expect to win a national championship without a kicker who’s even average? Also, the kickoff coverage remains atrocious. It probably cost the Sooners the Texas game, and expect at least one of OU’s final opponents to get a kickoff return TD. Good teams make you pay when you give them those cheap points.

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