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More Power

March 7, 2009

Blog Statistically Speaking posted an interesting article this week on the Standard Deviation Power Index (SDPI) scores within the Big 12 in 2008. The SDPI can be used to compare teams within a conference. For Sooner fans, it’s worth a look for a perspective on just how good OU’s offense really was last year. It also shows how much of a liability the defense was all year.

QB or Not QB? That is a Dumb Question

March 4, 2009

We’re still more than a year away from the 2010 NFL draft, but steel yourself for the inevitable deluge of pointless media bloviating about Tim Tebow’s future at the next level.

Take this one from the Orlando Sentinel, which surveys a mishmash of pro players past and present regarding Tebow’s prospects as an NFL quarterback. Honestly, what actually makes LaMarr Woodley and Donnie Edwards qualified to assess a quarterback’s skill set, especially when the list of QB flameouts is so long and distinguished?
The answer to the question of what position Tebow will play–if he plays at all–in the NFL is simple: we’ll know when we know. It’s an entirely academic exercise at this point. Yet, for some reason, most Gator fans Homerism has encountered treat the very suggestion that their hero can’t cut it as a QB in the League as an affront to common decency.
If you’re looking for a little unsolicited advice from someone without a dog in the fight, Florida fan, here it is: live in the now. The NFL is a completely different animal from the game being played on the field at the Swamp. You will have one of the greatest college quarterbacks in history leading your team for the fourth straight season. What he is or isn’t when 2010 NFL training camps open means squat now. Even if Tebow chucks it all and heads to the Philippines to preach the word for the rest of his life once his college career is over, it won’t change a thing about the brilliance of his time in Gainesville.

2009 Danger Games: USC-Arizona State

March 1, 2009

USC at Arizona State (Nov. 7)
Look-Ahead Factor: Nil
Letdown Factor: High
Kerouac Factor: Medium
Motivation Factor: Somewhat

USC’s Pac-10 rivals should be smelling blood in the water. The Trojans enter 2009 with more questions marks than any of Pete Carroll’s teams in recent memory, with major holes to fill all over the defense and at quarterback.
The top challenger to the throne has to be Oregon. That should make the USC-Oregon matchup on Halloween at Autzen the conference’s game of the year. If Carroll has proved anything during his time in Troy, it’s that he has an unmatched ability to get his teams primed for a big game. ‘SC fans have no reason to fear their boys will leave Eugene with a win.
Of course, what goes up inevitably comes down. As amped as the Trojans have been for quality opponents, they’ve shown a tendency to be equally unfocused against lesser competition. If anything, then, it’s the week after a big game that should have Trojan Nation concerned.
That takes us to USC’s trip to Tempe on Nov. 7. Coming off what Homerism expects to be a win over the Ducks that solidifies the Trojans’ spot back on top of the Pac-10 heap, a road trip to face the Sun Devils definitely qualifies as a danger game.
Two losses by at least 20 points to USC can’t sit well with Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson. A coach with Erickson’s history of building up downtrodden programs recognizes an opportunity to take down the king of the mountain when he sees it. He’ll have his squad ready to go for what will likely be a rowdy night game in the desert.