Draft Preview: Seattle Seahawks

Pick 4: Seattle Seahawks

Strengths: Linebacker, offensive line
Weaknesses: Wide receiver, defensive tackle
The Pick: B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
The rumor mill is abuzz with rumblings that the Seattle brain trust is looking for a replacement for veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Hence, Matt Stafford could get serious consideration here.
Looking for replacements for aging stars should be the mindset of a playoff franchise, though. That description no longer fits the bill in the Pacific Northwest, where the ‘Hawks have been passed by last season’s NFC champs, Arizona.
Last year’s defensive collapse in Seattle can’t be sitting well with new head coach Jim Mora Jr. It wouldn’t sit well with Homerism, either. With that in mind, Homerism would be looking defensive tackle this year. You won’t find one better than Raji among this group.
Obviously, reports of a failed drug test during the combine raises some question’s about Raji’s judgment. Also, at 6’1″ the B.C. product is a little on the small side.
Still, Raji has shown an ability to wreak havoc up the middle, both stuffing the run and collapsing the pocket. A pass rushing end certainly seems tempting here, but Homerism thinks tackle is the smarter play, given the state of Seattle’s depth chart.

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