Draft Review

Obviously it’s tough to say right away who the winners and losers of a draft are–except when it comes to the Raiders. Still, I particularly liked what a few teams did. Others, not so much.

Drafts Homerism Liked
Michael Crabtree is the best player in this draft, and San Fran got him at 10. If only he had someone to throw to him. (Unfortuantley, Nate Davis, drafted in the fourth round, probably won’t be that guy.) As I mentioned yesterday, Glen Coffee and Scott McKillop look like great day two picks. Ricky Jean-Francois has tons of potential.
Houston’s defense got much better this weekend. Connor Barwin and Brian Cushing should give defensive coordinator Dom Capers two utility men to use in a variety of ways, particularly on passing downs. Picking two tight ends seems curious, but seeing as one of them is Rice’s James Casey, it works for me.
The fact that the Pack nabbed the best defensive tackle in the draft and possibly the best linebacker, Clay Matthews, make for one supremely successful draft in Homerism’s book.
Drafts Homerism Didn’t Like
Moving on…
Trading up to take Josh Freeman struck me as a colossal mistake. I get it–he’s big. What did Freeman show at Kansas State that makes anyone think he can win in the NFL? Roy Miller may offer some depth on the defensive line. The rest? Blah.
Let’s see. The ‘Skins got a good defensive end prospect and a likely nickel cornerback. The rest is a whole lot of nada. In the process, they made a well-publicized play for Mark Sanchez without having the ammo or willingness to make the deal. Think Jason Campbell made a call to Jay Cutler this weekend for moral support? This could be the dawning of the Colt Brennan Era in D.C.

One Response to “Draft Review”

  1. KENZO Says:

    Orakpo was the Skins' #1 guy a month ago… and they were lucky to get him at 13. Smokescreen or not, the Skins' patience will pay off. The price to move up for Sanchez was too steep for even The Danny to deal. For that, I thank the Jets.

    As for the rest of the draft, I don't understand why they drafted a CB in the 3rd round or two LBs with their 5th & 6th rounders when solid OL prospects like the Husker's Murtha were still on the board. I watched Murtha in the combines – he's a complete animal.

    I have no idea why we drafted another WR… but the "TE" pick will play FB for the Skins. Given B. Sellers' recent bitching, I'd say that could pay off.

    Overall, I'm very happy with Orakpo. The rest of the guys may not even make the team. I'd give them a B- (most of that is for NOT trading away their future for Sanchez…)

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