NFL Draft: Day 2 Steals

Watch out for these five guys in rounds three through seven. Homerism thinks these guys could be diamonds in the rough.

*Scott McKillop, LB, Pittsburgh
McKillop’s production under defensive guru Dave Wannestedt at Pitt provides a better indication of what kind of player he is than his “stiff hips” and “adequate height.”
*Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
Homerism wrote early this week that Johnson should be picked in the first round. I stand by that assessment.

*James Casey, TE, Rice
This super smart tight end spent a few years in the White Sox farm system before returning to college. Casey has the toughness and athleticism to stick around in the league for a good while. He can even play a little “Wildcat” quarterback.

*Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama
The Crimson Tide are going to miss this guy more than they realize. Coffee won’t blow anyone away on film, but he’s a meat-and-potatoes guy who gets it done. Should make a good backup running back.
*Quentin Chaney, WR, Oklahoma
For the non-OU fans, this one probably comes way out of left field. The Booker T. Washington (Tulsa) grad could end up being a solid third receiver. He stands nearly 6’5″, so he’s a nice jump ball target in the red zone. He’s got decent speed, too, so Chaney might make for a good downfield receiver.

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