On the Spot: Jonathan Crompton

Ever seen a girl flip out and start trash-talking some huge dude, threatening that her boo is going to beat the guy’s ass?

Well, new Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin spent the entire offseason letting his mouth write checks that his butt can’t–and won’t have to–cash. The problem for his players is that they’re going to be left holding the bag when foes come to collect. Kiffin has created plenty of buzz and looks ready to right Tennessee’s ship. But it’s not happening this season, and his squad will take some lumps in his stead.
For incumbent UT quarterback Jonathan Crompton, this is a terrible set of a circumstances.¬†Crompton’s disappointing play in 2008 had a big hand in former coach Phil Fulmer’s eventual departure from the Rocky Top sidelines. Crompton finished the year with a 91.8 passer rating and a 4-5 ratios of interceptions to touchdowns. Yet, despite the regime change, he appears to be the de facto starter heading into the fall.
Now, as if Crompton didn’t suffer enough last year, he’s about to face the fury of a legion of pissed-off SEC defenses. Bring a flak jacket, buddy.

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