USC (Finally) Comments on Investigation

USC has decided to speak out about the investigation into improper benefits allegedly received by Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo. ESPN blogger Ted Miller is right when he says there’s no breaking news in the statements from university official Todd Dickey and athletic director Mike Garrett. To Homerism, the biggest takeaway is that USC is claiming accusers Lloyd Lake and Louis Johnson are lying about the school declining to interview them. Also, note that USC appears to have initiated its internal investigation after the allegations were made and the NCAA had opened its own inquiry. From a compliance standpoint, that may not sit well with the Association.

From a purely tactical standpoint, I would have done this much sooner. At this point, it appears as though the media pontificating about the case finally goaded the Trojans into addressing its stance on the charges. 
If there’s one major issue that USC should have in its favor here, it’s credibility. Yet, by refusing to give any insight on its position, the school ceded some of that advantage, in my opinion. It’s kind of like that detective rule of thumb about guilty people sleeping soundly when they’re caught, while innocents scream their heads off. On top of all that, the delay in responding smacks of crisis management 101 strategies for dealing with a scandal.
In theory, public opinion should matter little to the NCAA. Good luck selling that now, though, seeing as Alabama got nailed today for a textbook scandal–not exactly flat-screen TVs and rent-free housing, as has been alleged in the USC case. If USC is cleared of wrongdoing, the Trojans better have damn good, irrefutable evidence that their accusers are lying. Otherwise, conspiracy theorists will have a field day, and the public will view this as the ultimate proof of the Association’s panty-waist “authority.”

3 Responses to “USC (Finally) Comments on Investigation”

  1. El guapo Says:

    BH –
    I don't have a specific comment on my amigos here on the left coast other than according to popular opinion out here, the "angels of Compton" could never do anything wrong and that this is pure jealousy on "our" part. "Our" being everyone who is not bleeding red and gold.

    Mostly I just wanted to say that despite my lack of comments posted over the offseason, Your friend El Guapo has much appreciated all thehard work and regular postings.
    Keep up the good work.
    El Guapo

  2. AK Says:

    Hola amigo,

    Always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Jealousy is a particularly unflattering flaw, but I'd agree that most of the college football world envies USC. (The exceptions would be Notre Dame and Texas fans, who have convinced themselves that we're actually jealous of them.)

    Why shouldn't we all wish our teams could be more like the Trojans? They've beat the tar out of just about anyone who has gotten in their way. They hoard five-star talent like Hugh Hefner collects chicks with daddy issues. (Time was, I'd point out that Will Ferrell hangs out with them, but after seeing Semi-Pro, that seems more like a knock.) On top of all that, everybody who goes there is rich and hot.

    So, yes, plenty of people are relishing this whole sordid affair. I'm reminded of how a buddy once explained to me why he was so happy watching 22-year-old millionaires go broke as the dot-com bubble burst: "Of course I'm happy. These people are all my age, and they were so much better than me."

    I guess I need someone to explain to me, though, how that jealousy would change the fact that these are serious allegations, and yet we still haven't heard anyone on USC's end refute them.

  3. AK Says:

    By the way, Guapo, thanks as always for the feedback and kind words.

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