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Linking Up: August 8

August 8, 2009

Odds and ends as Homerism relives the magic of Temptation Island on an all-day marathon on Fox Reality Channel:

*Man, I forgot what a drag some of the girlfriends on this show were. Valerie, the one whose boyfriend was an underwear model, seemed like she was about as much fun as a kick in the junk. Also, has there even been a worse reality show host than the poor man’s Mark Walberg?
*Injuries seem to be generating the most discussion early in camp for OU. RB DeMarco Murray has yet to receive full clearance to practice, limiting his work so far. This time it’s his hamstring that slowing him down. Just another reason to question how effective Murray will be this season.
DT DeMarcus Granger is going through drills, although he has yet to show he’s ready to work his way into the rotation.
*Homerism likes the prospect of juco transfer Cameron Kenney at punter. It would add a little game theory to fourth down for OU’s opponents. It’s not worth sacrificing performance at punter, obviously, but it would be pretty cool if it worked out.
*I can’t remember being less interested in a movie as I am in Julie & Julia.

*OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson should feel encouraged by the fact that Homerism agrees with his assessment of the o-line. Trent Williams is the best lineman he’s ever coached “by far,” though? Why didn’t he start at left tackle last year, then?
*Man, I can’t figure out if I love that song playing on the HoJo commercials or if it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall. I do know that rather than investing in a cool claymation commercial, the Howard Johnson chain of hotels would be better served fixing up their hotels so that their patrons didn’t suspect that the last guests in their rooms were Detectives Benson and Stabler.
*Something that I’ve been pondering in the last few days: Florida is about as consensus of a preseason number one as you’ll get. If we end up with a similar scenario at the end of the regular season this year as we did last season–a bunch of one-loss teams from the major conferences–does being the runaway favorite right now hurt the Gators?
Supposedly, it’s best to start the season high in the rankings and lose early. That way, you still have time to make your way back up the polls as the season advances. Consider last year when USC shot to the top of the polls after an early-season romp over Ohio State. After falling to Oregon State a week later, however, the pollsters seemingly eliminated the Trojans from contention.
Maybe it’s a leap, but is it possible that the voters hold such highly regarded teams to a higher standard?

2009 Oklahoma Season Preview: Receivers

August 2, 2009

The Sooners face a challenge at receiver not unlike the situation along the offensive line. With Juaquin Iglesias, Manuel Johnson and Quentin Chaney off to pursue their destinies, OU has to replace three major contributors from 2008. That’s nearly half of its catches from last season.

TE Jermaine Gresham returns after turning down a likely first round spot in the NFL draft, softening the blow a bit. Gresham hauled in 66 catches for 950 yards last year. That translates into 14.4 yards per reception–not bad for a tight end. It’s not a stretch to think Gresham could play the feature role in the passing game. Think Kellen Winslow soldiering up at The U.

At wideout, sophomore Ryan Broyles started the season off last year with a bang against Cincinnati with seven catches for 140 yards and a touchdown. He didn’t match that level of production in any one game again, but he continued to provide big plays all year, averaging 15 yards per catch. Broyles has good speed to go along with shiftiness, making him a dangerous threat in the open field and catching the ball on the run. He goes after the ball aggressively in the air, too, so the transition to the outside receiving spot shouldn’t be too tough.

Hard luck case Adron Tennell has impressed the OU coaches since he first set foot on campus in 2006. Since then, of course, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for an entire season. It’s tough to imagine that the compilation of injuries hasn’t robbed him of some of his athleticism. Tennell reportedly had another outstanding offseason and managed to stay injury free. If he’s healthy for an entire year, Tennell could be in for a big year. Based on his history, that’s a tall order.
One of the major wild cards in the mix for the Sooners this year is juco transfer Cameron Kenney. A high school soccer star, Kenney only played one year of varsity football. In two seasons at Garden City (Kan.) Community College, the all-purpose specialist proved himself to be a monster as a receiver and kick returner, while handling kicking and punting duties as well. Kenney’s teammates have raved about his potential lately, and don’t be shocked if he gets reps from the jump. He may even compete for the punter job.
Junior Mossis Madu made the move from running back to slot receiver in the fall in an effort to get the electric playmaker on the field more often. With a numbers crunch in the backfield, putting Madu in the slot gives offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson yet another weapon at his disposal. Whether or not he has the hands to make it work has yet to be seen. Madu may not be long for the receiving corps, though, if injuries start to take their toll on DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown.
H-back/tight end Brody Eldridge is a punishing blocker who provides a nice safety outlet for Sam Bradford, but he’s not going to be much of a threat in the passing game. Sophomore Dejuan Miller is a tall target who could be a threat in the red zone and other jump ball situations. Miller’s classmate Jameel Owens also will compete for time and could work his way onto the field more often as the season progresses.
While OU’s personnel losses at receiver mirror the situation at offensive line, the silver lining for the unit is there as well. Although the new guys may be unproven, the talent is there for this to be a particularly strong group.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

February 6, 2009

While some college football fiends like to portray National Signing Day as Christmas in February, that’s not entirely true. 

With the explosion of recruiting information providers such as Scout and Rivals, it’s more like the Christmas morning after you figured out where your parents hid the presents. You already knew what was coming, so there weren’t too many surprises in store. Of course, if you hadn’t seen that official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time, there was always the chance it could show up magically underneath the tree.
Hardcore Sooner fans went to bed on Tuesday night with visions of stud Louisiana receiver Rueben Randle and New Jersey “athlete” Josh Evans dancing in their heads. Instead, though, Les Miles and Urban Meyer ended up adding the coveted recruits to their already substantial hauls.
That doesn’t mean Bob Stoops and his staff didn’t add a bunch of nice pieces to the OU roster, however. The makeup of the group indicates a clear emphasis on bolstering the defensive side of the ball, particularly at linebacker and defensive back. With so much depth returning on both side of the ball for OU, don’t expect many of the newcomers to get extensive playing time right away in 2009. Touted junior college pickup Cameron Kenney could be one exception. With the Sooners losing three 2008 starters at receiver, the fast, physical wideout from Garden City Community College in Kansas may challenge for a spot opposite Ryan Broyles.
Other recruiting news and notes:
*Did Miles make a deal with the devil to lure Randle to LSU? Gannett’s Glenn Gilbeau has the details of the whole saga. Basically, it looks like it boils down to this: Randle’s father strong-armed the LSU coaching staff into pulling a scholarship offer to one of his son’s potential competitors for playing time among the Tigers’ receiving corps DeAngelo Benton. Oh, yeah – Randle and Benton just happen to have been high school teammates.
When asked about what went down, Miles answered–over the objections of his athletic director–in his own tortured vernacular: 

“I have to be real honest with you, recruiting has its own view,” Miles said. “And I’m not going to dispel or concern myself with how that all fits.”

OK, Homerism isn’t even going to bother trying to parse that out.

*Speaking of nettlesome meddlers, check out this New York Times profile of Wichita-area recruiting “mentor” Brian Butler. Of course, it’s written by Thayer Evans, so there must be some way that the article is meant to screw Texas.
*Homerism has made his thoughts on trash-talking in the media known before. I’d expect coaches to know better. All that being said, how awesome has it been to see Lane Kiffin set the SEC ablaze with some completely unearned–and somewhat unwarranted–jabs at the conference’s leading men?
Is it smart for Kiffin to run his mouth like he has? It certainly won’t look that way on September 19, when Florida administers one of Urban Meyer’s patented payback beatdowns.
But Homerism suspects there’s a little Cassius Clay in all of Kiffin’s blustery bravado. The reality in the final season of Phil Fulmer’s tenure was that buzz surrounding Tennessee football was sorely lacking. Kiffin’s tough talk is giving Volunteer patrons something to get pumped up about. He’s also announcing to the nation that he has his sites set squarely on the king of the SEC mountain. That’s a story that may sell among the southeast’s top talent.
Whatever Kiffin’s motives, without a dog in this fight, Homerism can’t wait to see more fireworks.