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Setting the Record Straight (Part I)

July 2, 2009

If Homerism decided to devote his time to rebutting all of the worthless crap spouted by college football pundits and personalities, I might make it through a day’s worth of material before I die. So, normally, I try to find the important stuff in circulation and stick to that. After all, what’s that saying about arguing with fools?

Occasionally, though, I come across some piece of bloviation that irks me to the point that I just can’t let it go. Somehow I managed to find two in one day. I’ll address one now and another at some point in the next couple days.
Colin Cowherd’s Top Seven College Football Programs
While his blog post doesn’t rank the schools, he outlined his version of the pecking order on his show Tuesday:
1. USC
2. Florida
3. LSU
4. Texas
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio St.
7. Virginia Tech
OK, as I’ve written before, I actually enjoy Herd’s show. I don’t always agree with his viewpoints, but I do appreciate his willingness to play the contrarian. He typically offers compelling, thoughtful takes, even when Homerism suspects Herd is pandering for ratings.

When it comes to his show’s wheelhouse, college football, Herd loves to take jabs at Oklahoma and Sooner head coach “SpongeBob Bowl Flop.” Given the passion of OU fans, it’s not a bad ploy if he wants to rattle some cages. On the other hand, if he really detests the OU program and Sooner fans as much as he claims, that’s fine with Homerism. It’s not Cowherd’s job to be objective. He also claims to love Texas and USC, two fan bases that don’t exactly have hospitable relationships with Sooner Nation, so it’s understandable that he’d be predisposed in such a way.
But, using his own criteria during his specified timeframe of the last 10 years–wins, “big wins,” conference titles and players sent to the NFL–the only way the ‘Horns should be ranked ahead of OU is if it’s a misprint. How do the two programs stack up? 
Conference Titles
Texas: 1.33
Oklahoma: 5.33
*Although OU is recognized as the 2008 Big 12 champion, I’ll count the title for that year as being split three ways between OU, Texas and Texas Tech. Hence, the “*” in this case.
NFL Draft Picks
Texas: 42
Oklahoma: 44
Texas: 106-23 (.821)
Oklahoma: 109-24 (.820)
“Big Wins”
Head-to-Head: OU, 6-4
Big 12 Championship Games: OU 6-1; Texas 1-2
Bowl Games: Texas 7-3 (3-0 in BCS); OU 4-6 (2-5 in BCS)
National Championships: OU 1; Texas 1
So… Let’s call overall wins and draft picks a draw, even though OU has a slight lead in both. When it comes to conference titles, it’s not even remotely close.
And that leaves big wins. Seeing as the two programs are sworn enemies and one of them has won the Big 12 South every year during this period, Homerism thinks a two-game advantage in head-to-head matchups is pretty important. If you count the conference championship as a big game, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t, that’s an enormous advantage in favor of the Sooners.
Then there’s the matter of bowl games. There’s no doubt that Texas has made the most of its bowl appearances in the last 10 years, especially in its three BCS games. Vince Young led the Longhorns to a national title in a game for the ages against a stellar USC team.
Meanwhile, to say OU has hit a cold streak lately would be an understatement. But, if BCS games are such a big deal, doesn’t the fact that OU is actually playing in them mean anything? Put the Sooners in the Cotton Bowl against Mississippi State, and I like their chances, too. While the Sooners were losing to Boise St. in the Fiesta Bowl, Texas was beating Iowa in the Alamo Bowl. If you think it’s better to bang the prostitute than strike out at the bar with an “8,” then I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, Herd.