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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

August 1, 2009

I hate Colt McCoy.

I hate his name. I hate watching him fire up the troops on the sidelines. I hate his touchdown celebrations. I hate having to listen to Brent Musburger drone on and on recounting the Lone Star State legend about the quarterback’s dad making sure he was born on Texas soil.

I mean, as an OU fan, I have to despise him, right?

It reminds me of a conversation I once had with a good friend of mine whose father is somewhat of a high-ranking lobbyist on a politically explosive issue. It would be an understatement to say my friend’s dad loathes a certain charismatic ex-president known for his political craftiness. But it’s not like people who disagree always despise each other, so I once asked my friend why his dad’s hatred burned so hot. “Sometimes we hate what we fear,” he responded with a laugh.

Isn’t that the truth.

Whether or not Slick W…–er, I mean, this former president–is a good guy or not is beside the point. He fell on the opposite side of an issue that was near and dear to this lobbyist’s heart, and he was extremely skilled when it came to getting his way. He could have been a saint away from the political playing field and it wouldn’t have meant bubkes.

If there’s any area that can match politics in terms of hateful histrionics, it’s sports. Imagine Sooner Nation’s surprise, then, when it was revealed this week during the Big 12 media extravaganza that OU Heisman winner Sam Bradford and McCoy are good buddies. How can the faces of two archrival programs even be civil to one another, let alone friends? It’s not dogs and cats living together, but it’s close.

Truth is, I’ve never heard a discouraging word spoken about McCoy. By all accounts he’s dedicated, polite and humble–the kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to spend all day bailing hay to help out his grandpa. OK, so he’s not saving the world a circumcision at a time; that doesn’t mean being a good guy shouldn’t count for something.

Yet, it’s funny how the people in the stands have such a hard time differentiating between opponents as people and as competitors, while the players actually on the field seem to have no trouble at all. Maybe it’s just a matter of not knowing athletes outside of when we see them performing. Maybe it has something to do with the mutual respect born from the highest levels of competition. Whatever it may be, the only reason I can come up with to hate Colt McCoy is that he’s a damn good quarterback who has given OU all it can handle in three meetings at the Cotton Bowl. That makes me feel pretty small.

Chances are that he’ll put up just as good of a fight on October 17, win or lose. Hate that if you want, but that’s on you, not him.

Contextualizing the Longhorns

March 30, 2009

Guru to the masses Malcolm Gladwell apparently has another soon-to-be bestseller hitting the shelves this summer, Context: History’s Kingmaker. Gladwell has written about Big 12 college football in the past, and his new book includes a chapter dedicated to the Colt McCoy era at Texas and exceeding expectations. Check out an excerpt at Burnt Orange Nation.