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Draft Preview: New England Patriots

April 25, 2009

Pick 23: New England Patriots

Strengths: The system
Weaknesses: What’s the score with Brady?
The Pick: Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut

Now the fun starts. No one in the NFL is better at working the draft than New England’s maestro, Bill Belichick. In fact, Homerism knows nothing about Butler, but the word is Belichick likes him. Who am I to question that?

Instead, let’s talk for a minute about what Loverboy‘s draft picks and free agency acquisitions all share in common. It’s hard to explain, but they strike Homerism as “football players” in the truest sense of the term–Oklahoma City’s own Wes Welker, Mike Vrabel, Troy Brown, etc. Primarily, they’re tough and they can do a number of things well. I think of it like playing pickup games. Even if they’re not the most talented guys out there, they always seem to be on the winning team.

If the Pats move up, the always astute Peter King says it will be for an offensive player. But it’s just a hunch. If you’re a regular follower of Monday Morning Quarterback, you know what that’s worth.