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Best of Luck

April 28, 2009

With next year’s NFL draft looking like a Sooner bonanza, it’s not too surprising that OU mainly turned out mid- to low-round picks this year. Here’s a rundown of where OU alums are headed and what kind of situation they are walking into. (By the way, if you follow Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column on, you’ll probably enjoy this rundown of his rundown of the draft.)

*Phil Loadholt, OT (2nd Round, Vikings)
Fellow Sooner Adrian Peterson will welcome Loadholt to Minnesota with open arms, as he can use all the help he can get to keep the Vikes’ offense moving. Loadholt should challenge for the starting spot at right tackle right away.
*Juaquin Iglesias, WR (3rd Round, Bears)
God knows new QB Jay Cutler could use some more receivers to throw to in the Windy City. Iglesias definitely has a chance to step in and play immediately. He probably won’t be a star, but he could make a solid third receiver.
*Nic Harris, S/OLB (5th Round, Bills)
Homerism consulted esteemed colleague and Bills fanatic Dr. Buffalo Wild Wang for some insight on this pick. “I think he has a tough time even making the roster,” I said, recalling Harris’ under-publicized struggles during his senior year and in the build-up to the draft, which had him contemplating a move from safety to linebacker. “Don’t underestimate just how shitty the Bills’ secondary is,” Wang replied. “And Donte Whitner may be headed for the big house.” I’ll defer to Dr. Wang’s diagnosis, but my prognosis for the Bills’ season is pretty dire if Harris is seeing much action.
*Duke Robinson, OG (5th Round, Panthers)
Big Duke played the OG position throughout his career at OU like an O.G., running up a number of numb-skulled personal foul penalties, both before and after the whistle. Then, there are the murky off-the-field problems. Apparently his attitude didn’t wow the scouts during interviews. Couple all that with Robinson’s struggles in the national championship game versus Florida, and his precipitous drop makes some sense. Homerism suspects Robinson just doesn’t have the discipline to play on the pro level.
*Manuel Johnson, WR (7th Round, Cowboys)
Manny was a Sooner soulja during his four years in Norman. A Cowboy he is not.