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Shanoff Takes to Teabagging… Er, Teblogging

July 16, 2009

Define “overkill.” I present to you Timteblog.

Normally, I’d come across some junk like this and cast it aside. What’s different in this case is who’s running the site, popular Sporting News columnist Dan Shanoff.
Is this a veiled attempt to cloak some of Shanoff’s own blatant homerism? Well, the avowed Tebow-ite is couching his venture as “an experiment in ‘hyper-topical’ blogging.” If that’s this exercise in obnoxiousness’ reason for being, I salute him. I mean, why not pour some more sand on the beach?
Note: I’m not buying that this won’t be a “fawning fan boy blog,” as Shanoff claims. It’s tough to find media coverage of Tebow of any sort that wouldn’t fall into the category of fawning. Thus, if your blog is devoted to all things Tebow, it can’t help but tend that way. However, I’m not knocking Shanoff for somehow sacrificing some sort of journalistic integrity or whatnot. Like everyone else, I’m just so damn over-Tebowed at this point. If the onslaught doesn’t stop soon, don’t be surprised if some fed-up Georgia fan re-enacts the Monica Seles incident on Florida’s QB.