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Bustin’ Out: Arthur Jones*

May 5, 2009

One of the most impressive inidiviudal performances Homerism witnessed all season in 2008 came during the Syracuse-Notre Dame game in South Bend in November.

The Orange, headed by lame-duck nice guy Greg Robinson, entered the game as a 20-point underdog. They left trying to escape a hail of snowballs aimed at the Irishmen following a stunning ‘Cuse upset.

The play of Orange quarterback Cameron Dantley, who threw the game-winning touchdown pass with less than a minute to go, may be the most memorable from that game. It was Arthur Jones, however, who carried the ‘Cuse on his back that day. The 290-pound nose tackle ended the game with 15 total tackles, eight of which were solo. He also had four tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks for good measure.

At the end of the year, Jones was the only Orangeman–there, I said it, political correctness police–to make first-team All-Big East. With a new coach brought down from the NFL, things had started to look up in Syracuse. Jones was expected to provide a strong veteran presence to key the coaching transition before heading off for greener pastures.

‘Cuse football fans–and I suspect there aren’t too many of you in existence or who read this blog regularly–know all too well what happened next. In February, Jones tore a pectoral muscle during an offseason weightlifting session.

So this edition of Bustin’ Out comes with an asterisk. The few reports coming from the ‘Cuse locker room have been pretty positive, and it sounds like Jones is on track to play in 2009. Of course, how often have we heard that before? Still, if all goes according to plan, Homerism hopes Jones emerges as a potential All-American in 2009. Seeing as he’s been forced to play for the ‘Cuse for three years already and given up a pec in the process, it only seems fair for a warrior like Jones to receive a little recognition.