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Draft Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

April 10, 2009
Pick 8: Jacksonville Jaguars
Strengths: Running back, linebacker
Weaknesses: Wide receiver, pulse
The Pick: Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

The draftniks everywhere would kill this pick, as most mock drafts Homerism has come across have Harvin going much later in the first round. Shows what they know.

The Jaguars are a solid football team in most respects, but they lack an explosive home run hitter to add that element of danger to their offense. That makes Harvin a great fit in Jacksonville.

Tim Tebow got the hype, but Harvin made Florida’s offense go during his truncated time in Gainesville. He’s a dynamic playmaker who can do damage in a number of ways–out of the backfield, catching the ball on the run and in space, returning kicks and even under center.

On top of all that, Harvin is a Gator. That should give the Jags a nice bump at the box office. This just seems to make so much sense on a number of levels, which is why it will never happen.