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2009 Danger Games: Oklahoma-Kansas

April 2, 2009

Oklahoma at Kansas (Oct. 24)
Look-Ahead Factor: Zippo
Letdown Factor: Couldn’t be higher
Kerouac Factor: Tepid
Motivation Factor: Definitely there

With all that’s happened between Oklahoma and Texas in the past couple years, the 2009 Red River Shootout promises to be one of the most hotly anticipated games ever in the series. That’s why OU fans should be just as nervous about the following week.

A week after last season’s heartbreaking loss to the Longhorns, Kansas came to Norman and put a scare into the Sooners. Coach Mark Mangino‘s Jayhawks moved the ball with ease for stretches of the game, racking up 31 points and nearly 500 total yards on offense before succumbing to the crimson and cream offensive machine in the second half. Homerism suspects that KU quarterback Todd Reesing was kicking himself after throwing two interceptions on the day, which likely provided the difference in the game.

KU will benefit in 2009 from having a battle-tested senior quarterback in Reesing, who, along with Mangino, has transformed the Kansas O into one of the more potent attacks in the country. Stud receivers Dezmon Briscoe–last seen torching the OU secondary for 270 yards in 2008–and Kerry Meier return as well. If the Sooner defense hasn’t shored up the holes of 2008, there’s no reason to think Mangino won’t be able to exploit it with his passing game again this year.

The sheer power of OU’s prolific offense meant the Sooners could afford to get into a track meet with a team like Kansas in 2008, especially if the game was being played in Norman. A year later and playing on the road, Homerism doesn’t think that’s a chance the Sooners should take.

The Fightin’ Manginos may have fallen back to earth last season after a one-loss campaign in 2007, but 2009 looks pretty promising. At first glance, Homerism wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas entered this home game against the Sooners with a 6-0 record. No matter what, seniors like Meier and Reesing will always be remembered among KU faithful for what they accomplished two years ago. Still, beating OU en route to a sterling record in their final season would cement their place in Jayhawk football lore.