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Draft Musings

April 25, 2009

Exams prevented Homerism from finishing off the draft preview. For posterity’s sake, here are a few more picks, based on the original draft order:

Baltimore–Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State
Tennessee–Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
Arizona–Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

*Obviously, my opinion of Stafford differs significantly from that of the NFL scouts. We’re actually not that far off.
I agree that Stafford’s “tools” make him an outstanding prospect. Clearly, he has what it takes between the ears to make it in the NFL, too.
But there was just something about Stafford’s demeanor while at Georgia that I detested. On the sidelines, do you ever remember seeing him doing anything to fire up his teammates? Heck, do you remember ever even seeing him talking to any of them? Most of the time, I remember him sitting by himself on the bench with his head down.
From a personality standpoint, Homerism gets the impression that Stafford is either a lone wolf or just not personable or aloof or something else. Whatever it is, I really wonder about that ineffable quality of “leadership” when it comes to Stafford. He seemed more interested in winning a game on his own or showing what a great NFL quarterback he’d be. Either way, he just strikes me as a paycheck player.
So why even draft him at all? Well, that talents is tough to pass up. Tennessee just seems like the perfect place for him to get his start. The Titans have a mature veteran under center in Kerry Collins who can show Stafford the ropes. Most importantly, he may be able to teach Stafford how to lead a team.
Vince Young may be a lost cause, but there’s still plenty of reason to be hopeful about Stafford. Let him watch Collins for a year and then possibly take over.
*The Raiders dealt a pick in the second round, so Al Davis must understand that trading picks is allowed.
*OK, so all three USC linebackers didn’t go in the first round. Does that mean they’re not the unit in college football history? I bring this up not to dog the three players, but to point out that it’s stupid to judge a college player’s career based on where he’s drafted. Green Bay got a steal in Clay Matthews, by the way.
*Homerism caught the opening of ESPN’s draft coverage during a break in his class today. The opening sequence looked like one of those pump-up-the-jam intros before the NBA Finals, except starring Chris Berman and Mel Kiper in place of Kobe and LeBron. I half-expected Mort to shake-and-bake the cameraman before throwing a no-look alley-oop to Trey Wingo.
*Michael Crabtree is the best prospect in this draft, but that’s a horrible situation in San Francisco.

Draft Preview: Detroit Lions

April 23, 2009

Pick 20: Detroit Lions

Strengths: See below
Weaknesses: See below
The Pick: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
As discussed previously, the Lions stink so bad that they’re in position to take the best players available at every spot. Except at receiver (in Homerism’s world), where Detroit now has Calvin Johnson and Michael Crabtree.
At this point, Jenkins is the best of what’s around. We’re talking about a guy who made the All-Big 10 team his last three years at Ohio State, and he played extensively as a freshman. He covers well and stops the run better than any other cornerback in the draft. He can even play a little safety if need be.
Jenkins is just an all-around outstanding football player. Seems like the Lions could use a few of those.

Homerism’s Official NFL Draft Preview

April 2, 2009

While this blog may focus on college football, the build-up to the NFL draft seems like a great time for stepping out on the amateurs. There’s just something about the draft that Homerism loves. In fact, I think I like the dissecting the process of putting an NFL team together better than the actual games.

Anyway, while I don’t really fancy myself an expert on football at any level–or anything else, really–I do believe that I’ve watched enough football in the past couple years to develop some sound opinions on who can play in the pros and who should sell insurance. In the weeks leading up to the draft, Homerism will break down what each team should do with each pick in the first round. Without further adieu, Detroit is on the clock…

Pick 1: Detroit Lions
Strengths: Calvin Johnson
Weaknesses: The other 55 players
The Pick: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Yes, Homerism is well aware of the Lions’ putrid history with drafting receivers in the first round in the last few years. Yes, Homerism is well aware that receiver is already the best unit on a very bad team. Yes, Homerism is well aware of the Motown’s economic struggles and the pain this pick would cause such a depressed fan base.
Bear with me, though. Crabtree was the best pure football player in the college ranks last year. He piled up big numbers, but he also made huge plays when it counted. He’s big and physical and has great hands. He goes deep, but he also has the ability to take a quick-hitter to the house. There isn’t much he can’t he do. This seems like as much of a sure thing as you’ll get this year.
In reality, the Lions would be better off dealing this pick. Does anyone ever try to move up anymore, though? It’s not happening. So why not make a splash and roll the dice on the best player available? 
A Johnson-Crabtree combo at receiver sounds like a nightmare for defenses. Would you really rather have a left tackle from Baylor to protect Daunte Culpepper‘s blindside? Coming off 0-16, I’d say the the Lions should be granted a chance to dare to be great.