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Draft Preview: San Francisco 49ers

April 12, 2009

Pick 10: San Francisco 49ers

Strengths: Linebacker
Weaknesses: Quarterback, wide receiver, defensive line
The Pick: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
49ers coach Mike Singletary can only rely on his moon dance and other motivational ploys for so long. This team needs a talent infusion. Why not start with the most important position of all?
To be honest, Sanchez in San Fran almost sounds too good to be true. ┬áHe’s a California kid with a strong following in the state’s Latino community. He’s charismatic. He’s competitive. He’s confident. And he’s a damn good quarterback, too.
For Homerism, Sanchez’s sterling performance in the Rose Bowl against Penn State’s stout defense sealed the deal that he’s a great quarterback. Yet, it’s not just a matter of one good game. Throughout the 2008 season, Sanchez made huge plays and gave the Trojan offense the direction that for some reason seemed to be lacking from the coaching staff.
Also, keep in mind Pete Carroll’s meltdown at Sanchez’s press conference to announce the quarterback was turning pro early. Has Carroll ever wigged out like that before? USC is loaded with five-star prospects at quarterback, but Carroll recognizes how big of a loss that a talent like Sanchez is.