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Bush Combo, Add Mayo

April 10, 2009

Could O.J. Mayo be the downfall of USC’s football powerhouse?

The Los Angeles Times reported today that the NCAA has combined its separate investigations regarding Mayo and Reggie Bush into one inquiry into the USC’s athletic department. At worst, the new development means the school could be hit with the dreaded verdict of “lack of institutional control.”
To answer the question above, I doubt it. ¬†Given the stonewalling by USC and Bush regarding his alleged relationship with a marketing company, it seems fair to say that case is a dry hole. The NCAA’s look into Mayo’s short time in Troy has had less time to gestate. However, if the Bush investigation really is at a dead end, how does combining it with another investigation make any meaningful difference?¬†
The rumors swirling around Bush may add some weight to the overall case against the Trojans athletic department. Yet, seeing as the NCAA gumshoes haven’t been able to turn up enough evidence to take further action in the Bush matter, it’s unlikely to have a material impact on the greater issue of USC’s institutional control.