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Linking Up: August 13

August 14, 2009

Some quick-hitters while lamenting the fact that I’m watching an NFL preseason game being called by Joe Theismann and Mike Patrick:

*Caught the season premiere of Hard Knocks on HBO last night. I’m sure no one likes being the one to tell guys they’ve been cut or broken a leg, but those two chumps the Bengals have put in charge of those jobs couldn’t be any less sympathetic. The way ex-Sooner J.D. Runnels was let go was particularly cold. Also, it looks pretty clear that Roy Williams’ days as a productive NFL safety are over
*Per usual, injuries are the big story early in two-a-days this season.
Darren Evans‘ torn ACL won’t hurt Virginia Tech as badly as people seem to think. The sophomore running back had a solid year in 2008, but the 1,200 yards rushing he gained were inflated by a huge game against Maryland in which he gained 253 yards on 32 carries. For the season, he averaged a good-but-not-great 4.4 yards per carry. Evans is a strong runner and all, but his contributions to the Hokie offense are easily replaceable.
Zac Robinson’s health could turn into a major storyline in Stillwater this season. Robinson sat out his fifth-straight practice today with a hamstring injury. If the quarterback’s mobility is limited this year, it could significantly reduce the size of the Pokes’ playbook.
-Despite all the hype surrounding Matt Barkley at USC, I still think Aaron Corp ends up starting this season. Either way, I’m really starting to feel the Buckeyes in that early-season blockbuster.
-Seeing as Texas is down to its third-string tight end, you have to wonder how it’s going to affect the Longhorns’ already mediocre run game.
*Meanwhile, Bob Stoops has been about as open about how things are going in Norman as Sal from Mad Men is about his sexuality. Stoops graciously threw Sooner Nation a bone this evening, opening up a no-pads practice to the general public for about an entire hour. Some initial thoughts based on what Homerism has gleaned from the media reports:
-The news that C Ben Habern has been slowed by a back injury obviously is troubling. When it comes to nagging, back problems are up there with the dreaded “high-ankle sprain.” As I’ve written before, play from the center position is critical for OU this year. The idea of a backup tight end snapping the ball isn’t too comforting.
-With Habern sitting out, one offensive line combination being used is Trent Williams at left tackle, Brian Simmons at left guard, Stephen Good at center, Jarvis Jones at right guard and Cory Brandon at right tackle. I guess that doesn’t sound so bad.
-Stoops rarely calls out individuals the way he did with Jameel Owens recently. Homerism wonders if the Muskogee native may not be long for the Crimson and Cream.
-As stacked as OU’s defense is, it sounds like some youngsters will see meaningful snaps this season, particularly in the secondary.
-Is it just me, or have the coaching staff’s comments been disarmingly positive so far?
*Is Bill Engvall a comedian or something? How did this guy get a show with his name in the title?
*If you haven’t been reading Jason Whitlock’s columns on the recent sexual indiscretions of sports figures–and fans, in the case of Erin Andrews–get caught up. Props to the good people at for allowing “Big Sexy” to throw in a host of clever vagina euphemisms in his latest missive. Even when I disagree with Whitlock, I really appreciate his unique point of view and ability to express his opinions provocatively without crossing the line into “I’m-obviously-doing-this-to-fire-people-up-and-get-more-hits” territory.
*Things in Homerism’s non-blogging life have calmed down a bit recently, and I’m hoping to really kick up the amount of writing that I’m doing. If you have any thoughts or ideas for articles, please feel free to send me an e-mail or post some comments here. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Announcements and Odds and Ends

July 29, 2009

A few housekeeping notes and items of interest:

-Everyone’s favorite college football guru, Phil Steele, has enlisted Homerism to blog about the Sooners for his Web site. I’ll be posting on there a few times a week, and look for the activity to really ramp up once the season starts. Here’s the URL:
Bookmark it right now, just like you did for this site. You do have this site bookmarked, don’t you?
-My final post in the Colorado season preview for Tilting at Windmills is up. I’ll be tackling Baylor beginning later this week.
-Conference media days are nothing more than an excuse for beat writers to repackage the same old stories they’ve been writing all offseason, but this time under the guise of “breaking news.” Count on lots of headlines from the Big 12 meetings like “Stoops Says Big Game Criticisms Unfair” and “Bradford Ready to Defend Heisman.” If you really want to check out some of the coverage, though, appears to have most of the bases covered.
-Lastly, it appears as though Homerism will be transitioning to a new site platform soon. It’s an exciting opportunity to expand the types of content I can provide and to promote the blog. Anyway, the URL will be the same and everything; the only real difference is that things will just look a little different. If you have any ideas on things you’ve seen on other sites that you think I should incorporate or suggestions for ways to improve, please feel free to drop me a line via e-mail or leave a comment here. Pretty much everything is on the table.
More details to come.