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Draft Preview: Detroit Lions

April 23, 2009

Pick 20: Detroit Lions

Strengths: See below
Weaknesses: See below
The Pick: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
As discussed previously, the Lions stink so bad that they’re in position to take the best players available at every spot. Except at receiver (in Homerism’s world), where Detroit now has Calvin Johnson and Michael Crabtree.
At this point, Jenkins is the best of what’s around. We’re talking about a guy who made the All-Big 10 team his last three years at Ohio State, and he played extensively as a freshman. He covers well and stops the run better than any other cornerback in the draft. He can even play a little safety if need be.
Jenkins is just an all-around outstanding football player. Seems like the Lions could use a few of those.

Draft Preview: New Orleans Saints

April 18, 2009

Pick 14: New Orleans Saints
Strengths: Passing game
Weaknesses: Toughness, pass defense

The Pick: Beanie Wells, RB, Ohio State

I think it’s been established that Reggie Bush is an offensive weapon when used in a variety of ways around the field. He is not a workhorse back who can be replied upon to carry the ball 20 times a game.

Imagine pairing Bush with a hammer like Wells, though. Beanie is a hard-hitting bell cow–that’s an element the Saints have missed since Deuce McAllister hit the downside of his gridiron career. If coach Sean Payton can arrange enough chances to get both Bush and Wells on the field at the same time, it would make a killer inside-out combo for defenses to try to stop.

Of course, Wells’ injury history at Ohio state suggests that he might have a tough time getting loads of carries for durability alone. Beanie struggled with his health throughout his time in Columbus, which seems like a sign that he’s either “injury-prone” or more interested in collecting a paycheck than competing.

I’d still say Wells is worth taking a chance, but the Saints would be justified taking a linebacker or defensive back, too.