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Guest Column: Return of the Wang

September 2, 2009

by Buffalo Wild Wang, M.D.

Head of Urology
Blatant Homerism

(Editor’s Note: It has been a long, hot offseason. If you thirst for Big 12 picks, come sip from the Wang. That’s right, Buffalo’s best urologist, Buffalo Wild Wang, returns this season to satisfy your cravings for Big 12 picks, albeit in an abbreviated format.)

The Wang would like to take the chance to thank Homerism for the chance to come back this year and enlighten you with my weekly Big 12 picks. As the Buffalo urological world becomes busier and busier for yours truly, my precious free time is dwindling away. Sorry, Wang lovers, but I only have time to pry myself away from my craft long enough to offer my insight into the OU game and one special Big 12 game each week. Duty calls.

BYU at Oklahoma (-22)
*Arlington, Texas

This game promises to be entertaining as these two potent offenses meet in the new Cowboy Stadium. Something tells me Jerry Jones won’t have to worry about too many punts ricocheting off the scoreboard this Saturday. Both teams will be lighting it up the old-fashioned way.

The Wang gave his thoughts on this game earlier this offseason. Not much has changed since then. Everyone points the finger at the OU offensive line as the potential weak spot on a stacked team, but it should be noted that BYU brings in four new o-linemen as well. Look for the Sooners to spend a good amount of time in the BYU backfield and Max Hall’s face. Sam Bradford has a great chance here to kickoff his repeat Heisman campaign against a top-25 team on national television, and I don’t see him disappointing. In the end, the Sooners are just too deep, athletic and strong for the Stormin’ Mormons. The Cougars will find the end zone some, but they won’t keep OU out.
The Pick: Dr. Wild Wang’s diagnosis is pain for the boys from Provo. OU rolls, 65-23.
Big 12 Game of the Week: Georgia at Oklahoma State (-6)

An early treat for college football fans, as these two teams from power conferences meet to kick the season off.

There has been plenty of talk about OSU being this year’s version of Texas Tech. I assume this means the “team du jour” picked to finish third in the Big 12 South? It is too farfetched to envision last year’s odd scenario playing itself out again this season. The Wang wouldn’t be completely shocked to see the Pokes take care of Texas in Stillwater, the Longhorns to win in Dallas, and the Sooners to triumph over OSU in Norman. But wouldn’t this mean another three-way tie in the South? Not if OSU finds a way to blow another game along the way, as seems to happen every year.
This week, however, Georgia rolls into Stillwater a new quarterback in tow, as Matt Stafford has escaped to greener pastures in Detroit. Oklahoma State promises to put plenty of points on the scoreboard this year with what is quite possibly the best offensive trio in the country. The Boone will be rockin’ for this out-of-conference showdown, which I expect to provide a big advantage for the Cowboys.
The Pick: Stick a feather in the Big 12’s cap. OSU takes down the Bulldogs, 38-17.

Cowboys Forever (Spoiler Alert!)

September 1, 2009

If you’re anything like Homerism, you probably can’t get enough of the new OSU anthem, Cowboys Forever, making its way around the Internet. Who knew that setting the legend of Frank Eaton to what sounds like an even more milquetoast version of a song by The Fray could be so magical?

My guess is that Poke fans are even more excited about the debut of the Cowboys Forever video at the home opener against Georgia than the game itself. Well, Homerism’s spies somehow managed to get their hands on a copy of the video, and it’s just as stirring as I imagined. Unfortunately, I don’t have a version that can be uploaded to the site, but I’ll do my best to describe it. Here goes:

The prairie wind touches our skin
Another maverick morning begins
Wild west eyes rise before the sun
We are young guns on the run

Scene: The video opens with a shot of maverick OSU head coach Mike Gundy getting out of bed in the morning at his palatial digs. He shakes the sleep out of his eyes, rubs his lucky T. Boone Pickens bust next to his bed and heads to the bathroom, opening the window to feel the Stillwater breeze. (Splice in some footage of Gundy quarterbacking during his playing days.) Cut to a shot of running backs Kendall Hunter and Keith Toston opening the doors of the awe-inspiring new OSU practice facilities. Cut back to Gundy’s bathroom. He hops out of the shower, puts on his orange and black polo, gels up his hair and shouts “I’M A MAN!” at himself in the mirror.

Hang ‘em high, pistols to the sky
We ride, we ride, ‘cross the line

Scene: Pickens emerges from a Scrooge McDuck-like pool of gold coins and his manservant hands him a towel.

It’s in our veins
The feel of the reins
.45’s, chaps, bandannas and spurs
We are cowboys forever

Scene: The OSU weight room for a montage of the Cowboys in training: Russell Okung doing squats; Zac Robinson doing diamond push-ups; Andre Sexton boxing. Cut to the locker room, where some Pokes are cutting up. Bill Young sneaks in and snaps Perrish Cox with a towel.

Stay here today, gone tomorrow
The open range is our home
All that we own lives inside our soul
We are cowboy to the bone

Scene: A grainy compilation of video featuring OSU legends: Barry Sanders, Hart Lee Dykes, Thurman Thomas, Toné Jones, Keith Burns.

Hang ‘em high, pistols to the sky
We ride, we ride, ‘cross the line

Scene: Pickens stands in front of a mirror with his personal tailor finishing up the alterations on a new suit, complete with orange boots, a bolo tie and 10-gallon hat with an orange band around it.

It is in our veins
The feel of the reins
.45’s, chaps, bandannas and spurs
We are cowboys forever

Scene: Back to the weight room: a sweaty Terrance Anderson hanging upside down doing crunches; DeMarcus Conner showing Justin Blackmon the ropes in the cone drill; Patrick Lavine karate chopping through six or seven concrete slabs. Cut to the film room. Markelle Martin walks in and sits on a whoopee cushion. His teammates crack up laughing.

Riding Bullet across the plains
To avenge our kin’s blood and name
In bedlam we will rise and stand
With strength and honor to defend our land

Scene: Dez Bryant stares directly into the camera, palming a football. He assumes a sprinter’s position, takes his mark and looks to his right. Who’s he racing? It’s Bullet! They take off. Slo-mo shot of Bryant and the big steed running side by side.

Hang ‘em high, pistols to the sky
We ride, we ride, ‘cross the line

Scene: The camera follows Pickens, wearing his new suit, as he emerges from the tunnel onto the field to survey his handiwork at T. Boone Pickens Stadium. He bends down to feel the playing surface, then pumps his fist with quiet confidence.

It’s in our veins
The feel of the reins
.45’s, chaps, bandannas and spurs
We are cowboys forever

Scene: We’re back in the weight room, where the action is really heating up. Now Okung is on the bench press, where he’s dripping with sweat and giving all he’s got to finish up his set. Robinson strains to do his last curl. Hunter pushes up a leg press… With Pistol Pete on it! Gundy enters the room. He surveys his exhausted players with a satisfied look.

We are, we are
Cowboys forever

Scene: Montage of the greatest moments in OSU football history: an elated female fan holds up an “OSU 12” bumper sticker; Rashaun Woods and Kevin Williams high five after the classic 2002 Houston Bowl win over Southern Miss; a Cowboys player holds a rose in his teeth after a 4-7 OSU team upset OU in 2001, killing the Sooners’ hopes of a national championship repeat.

Fade out with footage of a jubilant Gundy and Sanders hoisting the 1988 Holiday Bowl trophy.

Pistols to the Sky!

August 26, 2009

Few things leave Homerism speechless, but this is one. Sounds like Stillwater is going to be rockin’ this fall.

John Martin and whoever else thought this was a good idea, I can’t thank you enough for blessing the college football blogosphere with this.

2009 Danger Games: Oklahoma State at Baylor

June 8, 2009

Oklahoma State at Baylor (Oct. 24)
Look-Ahead Factor: Big time
Letdown Factor: Pretty low
Kerouac Factor: Moderate
Motivation Factor: High

Two consensus “teams on the rise” will be meeting in this Big 12 South matchup. Unfortunately for OSU, this game looks much bigger for the Bears.
Even if Baylor makes the leap this season that everyone is talking about, don’t expect it to show up in the Bears’ record. The Big 12 South is just too tough, and Baylor has non-conference games against Wake Forest and UConn this year.
Instead, this game should offer a better barometer of the progress made by Baylor under dynamic head coach Art Briles.
Oklahoma State should enter this tilt with Longhorns on the brain, as Texas ventures to T. Boone Pickens Stadium a week later. After all, the prognosticators are touting the Pokes as a top-10 team this year, so it should surprise no one if they’re looking ahead to a game against a more worthy opponent. That would be a big mistake.
Last year, OSU drubbed Baylor 34-6 in Stillwater, as young QB Robert Griffin and the rest of the Baylor runners were held to just 42 yards on the ground. For the Cowboy D, that’s a herculean effort. Do they have it in them again, this time against a fired-up opponent looking for payback? Can they do it in Waco?
If not, it’s easy to see this turning into the kind of shootout that’s anybody’s game.

Like Father…

May 5, 2009

I feel like I’ve seen a ghost…

Draft Preview: New York Jets

April 21, 2009

Pick 17: New York Jets

Strengths: An owner with enough stroke to play games whenever he wants
Weaknesses: Not exactly a “weakness,” but more of a “fondness” for personal seat licenses
The Pick: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State

New York is heading into this season facing the prospect of starting Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff or Erik Ainge under center–Clemens is the call there, by the way. If Matthew Stafford really is on the board at 17, the pressure on the Jets front office to nab him will beyond brutal. Recall reactions from the Philly contingent in 1999 when new coach Andy Reid passed on Ricky Williams in favor of Donovan McNabb, then multiply that times 10o. Stay strong, Jets–Stafford is not your man. (More on him later.)

If I’m running the Jets, I say give me Pettigrew. He’s a physical freak who plays tight end with the receiving aplomb of a high-end wide receiver and the blocking skills of a starting offensive tackle. When he gets the ball in his hands, he’s a bear to bring down, even if he’s not the fleetest of foot.

OK, so Pettigrew has some skeletons in his closet. And, granted, touted tight end prospects seem to disappoint more often that not. Still, Pettigrew is a safe pick who will be a nice little security blanket for whomever is playing quarterback in the Big Apple for the next seven or eight years.