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Draft Preview: Houston Texans

April 19, 2009
Pick 15: Houston Texans
Strengths: Linebackers, pass offense
Weaknesses: Pass defense
The Pick: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss

Again, the draftniks may kill this pick.

But this is a team stuck in a division that yields two games against Peyton Manning every season, as well as two more against the Titans‘ physical rushing attack. Even the Jags can be a little frisky when they feel like it. At this point, Houston needs to collect defenders all day long. A big run stopper like Jerry should do the trick.

On a side note, Homerism can’t remember the last time the Rebels had two top-15 picks. What a testament to Ed Orgeron‘s skills as a recruiter–and to his crappiness as a head coach.

Draft Preview: Washington Redskins

April 18, 2009

Pick 13: Washington Redskins

Strengths: Healthy profit margins
Weaknesses: Ridiculously expensive parking
The Pick: Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is almost certain to order personnel chief Vinny Cerrato to do something ridiculously shortsighted and impulsive between now and the draft. (This would probably qualify.)¬†Sitting tight at 13 to draft a tackle probably won’t work for Snyder, but Homerism is running this show. Of course, Oher is no ordinary offensive lineman.
Anyone who has read Michael Lewis‘ brilliant book The Blind Side realizes there are some risks in taking Oher. His background and development into the most sought-after tackle prospect in the country in high school defy belief. Yet, having read Blind Side, it’s easy to wonder if Oher has the mental makeup and desire to play in the NFL.
Even so, prospects with Oher’s combination of size and athleticism rarely come along. He’s worth the risk. And maybe that kind of excitement would appease Snyder.