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Draft Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

April 23, 2009

Pick 21: Philadelphia Eagles

Strengths: Stability
Weaknesses: Age, wide receivers
The Pick: Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

Man, it’s amazing how the Eagles seem to just keep on keeping on year after year. They haven’t set the world on fire in a while, but their consistency is astonishing. Philly is like the Quaker Oats of the NFL.
Similarly, we keep saying the window is closing on Donovan McNabb and Co. before the start of every season, and, yet, they somehow manage to keep it ajar. Well, the reality is that the window really is closing on this era in the City of Brotherly Love. If this organization wants to bring home a Super Bowl to put a bow on McNabb’s career, it’s there for the taking in 2009. The time is now.
Having solidified the offensive line with the acquisition of Jason Peters from the Bills, it’s now vital that the Eagles come away from this draft with a standout weapon at receiver. DeSean Jackson had a solid debut year in 2008, but he’s not the kind of physical possession guy who will make the tough catch. Nicks is. Yes, Homerism has heard the concerns about him showing up for interviews out of shape. Don’t buy into it. Nicks a fantastic athlete and an intense competitor who will be willing to put in the work.