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Necessarier Roughness

April 17, 2009

A once-mighty college football program down on its luck. A talented coach looking to right the ship. A one-time stud quarterback recruit who took a different path, now looking to reclaim past glory.

Michigan’s 2009 season sounds like the stuff movies are made of. Come to think of it, that may be because it is.

You’d think the Wolverines would have picked a flick portraying a more successful season. The Titans, for example, went undefeated.┬áSure, Sinbad was funny, but sassy one-liners don’t win bowl games. I sure hope Coach Gennero–er, Rodriguez–knows what he’s doing. And that the crusty dean doesn’t try to flunk half the team. What’s next, a swimsuit model kicker? Deuce Bigalow on the P.A. system?