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Spring Time Sampler

April 13, 2009

Spring games are like those samplers handed out at the grocery store.

They’re a very small taste of the real deal. They’re made to leave you wanting more. They’re often missing some key ingredients or important garnishes.
And, most importantly, they can be pretty misleading. Seriously, have you ever bought some cheese or whatnot after trying it at the store, gone home and then realized why they were handing it out in such small doses?
At OU’s Red/White Game two years ago, for instance, the quarterback competition between Sam Bradford, Joey Halzle and Keith Nichol looked pretty close. We know how that turned out.
Coming off yesterday’s spring game, the consensus was that the Sooner D rocked a young and inexperienced O. Specifically, the defensive front four dominated the newcomers on OU’s offensive line. The fact of the matter, though, is that these games are set up in favor of the defense. In fact, if the defense didn’t roll, it would be a sign that something is wrong.
So, before anyone goes crowning Frank Alexander an All-American or calling Jermie Calhoun‘s performance a disappointment, think back to the time you bought that broke-ass lite ice milk.