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Linking Up: August 8

August 8, 2009

Odds and ends as Homerism relives the magic of Temptation Island on an all-day marathon on Fox Reality Channel:

*Man, I forgot what a drag some of the girlfriends on this show were. Valerie, the one whose boyfriend was an underwear model, seemed like she was about as much fun as a kick in the junk. Also, has there even been a worse reality show host than the poor man’s Mark Walberg?
*Injuries seem to be generating the most discussion early in camp for OU. RB DeMarco Murray has yet to receive full clearance to practice, limiting his work so far. This time it’s his hamstring that slowing him down. Just another reason to question how effective Murray will be this season.
DT DeMarcus Granger is going through drills, although he has yet to show he’s ready to work his way into the rotation.
*Homerism likes the prospect of juco transfer Cameron Kenney at punter. It would add a little game theory to fourth down for OU’s opponents. It’s not worth sacrificing performance at punter, obviously, but it would be pretty cool if it worked out.
*I can’t remember being less interested in a movie as I am in Julie & Julia.

*OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson should feel encouraged by the fact that Homerism agrees with his assessment of the o-line. Trent Williams is the best lineman he’s ever coached “by far,” though? Why didn’t he start at left tackle last year, then?
*Man, I can’t figure out if I love that song playing on the HoJo commercials or if it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall. I do know that rather than investing in a cool claymation commercial, the Howard Johnson chain of hotels would be better served fixing up their hotels so that their patrons didn’t suspect that the last guests in their rooms were Detectives Benson and Stabler.
*Something that I’ve been pondering in the last few days: Florida is about as consensus of a preseason number one as you’ll get. If we end up with a similar scenario at the end of the regular season this year as we did last season–a bunch of one-loss teams from the major conferences–does being the runaway favorite right now hurt the Gators?
Supposedly, it’s best to start the season high in the rankings and lose early. That way, you still have time to make your way back up the polls as the season advances. Consider last year when USC shot to the top of the polls after an early-season romp over Ohio State. After falling to Oregon State a week later, however, the pollsters seemingly eliminated the Trojans from contention.
Maybe it’s a leap, but is it possible that the voters hold such highly regarded teams to a higher standard?